Frequently Asked Questions

Why patients choose Concierge Medicine?

The changes in healthcare over the last few years, imposed by insurance companies, have forced me to see an increased number of patients daily in a much shorter window of time. I have been spending more time doing insurance-required administrative work and have felt shackled to my desk and computer. This has substantially cut into my face-to-face time with patients and diminished the delivery of high-quality care I pride myself in giving my patients. I need to get back to practicing medicine the way it should be provided. My goal is to provide the highest quality of medical care I can, in a setting that truly allows for the time and approachability required. This shift in my practice model will allow me to achieve these goals in a relaxed and patient-focused environment.


What services are provided with the annual fee?

Membership in PRAEVENTUS ™ Concierge Program includes direct 24/7 physician availability via phone, text, email, and video chat. There will be dedicated concierge office hours as well as a dedicated concierge office phone line. Furthermore, guaranteed same or next day appointments (30-60 mins) as well as specialist and insurance facilitation will be provided. In addition to these services, we offer biannual cancer marker screenings and a personalized comprehensive report to accompany your annual concierge health assessment.


How will this be different from your traditional practice?

The smaller practice size will allow me to devote extended time for my patients’ care. There will be virtually no office waiting time with all appointments starting promptly. This new practice model will allow for 90-minute annual concierge health assessments and 30-40-minute routine appointments so that all your health concerns and questions can be addressed within a comprehensive appointment. Additionally, with the added benefit of direct communication via cell phone and email, the overall 24/7 availability allows for better and complete healthcare.


Will I still need to have health insurance if I join your new concierge practice?

Yes. The PRAEVENTUS ™ Concierge Program will not take the place of your general health insurance coverage. You are advised to maintain your Medicare/commercial insurance. Office visit charges are not included in your annual fee and your insurance will be billed for all covered services. You will be responsible for deductibles, copay's, and exclusions in accordance with your individual insurance plan.

Will my private insurance reimburse my annual fee?

The annual fee is not reimbursable by your insurance plan.


Is the annual fee reimbursable through my FSA or HSA?

While some patients can use their FSA or HSA, you are advised to consult with your plan administrator, employer, HR representative and/or insurance carrier to clarify qualification for your particular plan.


What are the annual fee payment options?

Your annual fee may be paid via credit/debit card annually, semiannually, or quarterly. Once you have completed your enrollment form you will be charged and sent a confirmation. Your credit/debit card will be charged on the first of the month, in accordance to your requested payment plan option.


What about lab, x-ray, specialists’ fees, and hospitalizations?

Your annual fee pays for membership in the practice and several other non-covered benefits. All procedures and services not performed in my office will be billed by the preforming physician and/or entity.


Will I be required to pay my annual fee even if I do not use your services?

Yes. Paying your annual fee allows you to be a member of my concierge practice whereby I remain your personal physician exclusively. I strongly encourage you to utilize the benefits offered and maintain all routine (sick) and well (annual assessment) visits.


What happens if I move out of the area or want to terminate after I join?

Your membership agreement can be terminated upon 30 days written notice. If you move or simply choose to opt out of the membership, the fee will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. However, if the annual concierge assessment has been completed, no refund will be offered. I will make every effort to ensure your records are efficiently transferred to your new physician, upon your signed release.


What are my options if I want my family to join?

We offer discounted spousal rates as outlined in the Patient Agreement contract. Additionally, if a parent opts to join my concierge medicine practice, I will be happy to care for his/her adult dependent child(ren) between the ages of 18-25 without an additional membership fee.